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Cartes du Ciel

This "planetarium simulator" is used to create and process target lists and control the telescope. It is a great program and does many things. The author is very receptive to feature requests and is very helpful. Highly recommended. Free


This program works with Cartes du Ciel and is used for all imaging and CCD control. Some very usefull features include scripting, creating target sequences, autofocusing, plate solving, and the ability to dynamically update RA + Dec positions for solar system objects. Highly recommended. Free


This program is used for image calibration. Free

MPO Canopus

This program is used for lightcurve analysis. Essential program.


This program is used for astrometric reduction and reporting to the MPC. Essential program.


This program is useful for overlaying survey images on my images and confirming locations of objects significantly off their predicted positions. Free


This program is useful for orbit calculation and calculating residuals of positions before submitting to the MPC. Free

PHD Guiding

This program is used for auto guiding while imaging. While most images I take are unguided, sometimes auto guiding is useful for long exposures greater than about 2 min. Free

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